July 18, 2006

More Bush frat boy behavior, and the rest

What is it with this guy? Inappropriate is the best way to describe this. This guy embarasses America everytime he speaks, and now acts.


Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton - Yahoo! News



This interesting post suggests that the increased revenue from taxes actually proves what progressives have been warning about. Trickle down economics doesn't work--and revenues have only gone up because the wealthiest Americans have become even more so.


Megachurches build a Republican base - Yahoo! News: "GOD AND POLITICS
Sexton believes every word in the Bible, rejects evolution
theory, and supports the Iraq war, the Republican Party and
Bush -- in part because he is a born-again Christian.

'I trust his opinion because of his beliefs,' she said."

Sigh. sigh. sigh. Everytime I hear someone support Bush because of some putative Christian faith, I want to cry. Given that those same followers refuse to actually expect Christian beliefs, I think we should elect people based on another equally worthless trait or claim: Blue eyes; Denver Bronco fans (regardless of if they are or not); or people who listen to the same music we do. No demonstrated evidence that anything like that leads to good decisions, but neither is a faked Christian faith.


ubub said...

I haven't seen the German press' response to Bush's attempt to give their Chancellor an unsolicited back rub, but the British press was not amused by his "yo, Blair!" greeting to their PM.

Considering this alsong with the official pronouceement about Lebanese civillians (maybe they thought those Lebanese would want to get married) and it's clear that US leadership doesn't give a 'shit' about the leaders or civillians from other nations.

ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

Why do you both still hate America?

Streak said...

I told you. Because of the gay flag burning abortionists who want to use stem cells to burn gay flags.

Streak said...

Feministe has more on our President's innappropriate behavior.