July 17, 2006

That's right, folks, he is our President--the most powerful man in the world

You can see it on CNN or probably on Olbermann tonight.

Reporters perked up their ears when Bush said "shit" in an unscripted moment with Tony Blair. Ow my freaking ears!

I couldn't care less about that, but this little shot of our President--the most powerful man in the world--eating with his mouth open like a poorly mannered slob and just casually talking about a major crisis in the middle east, makes me a little ill.

I could almost deal with him being corrupt and simply a front for oil interests. I could deal with him being an immoral liar who has sold this entire facade of Christian faith to get elected twice. I could deal with all of that if I honestly felt that he was even close to competent.

My conservative friends misunderstand my anti-Bush sentiment. I really want to believe he is competent and compassionate. I just can't.


ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

Why do you hate America?

Streak said...

Probably because the gay abortion flag burners.

Greek Shadow said...

Dubbya finally did something to put a chink in his armour. He said
Shit! Honestly is that all these pinheads have to worry about?

ubub said...

It has been interestsing to read about the media's decision whether to edit the quote. The Chicago Tribune notes that broadcasters repeating the president's statement would receive at $325k fine from the FCC. The editors also recognize issues of accuracy in reporting yet awkwardly describe the president's use of "a scatological profanity not often heard out loud on the world stage." Chickenshit move, I figure. Liberal media doesn't recognize that we're at war.

If it's good enough for the Leader of the Free World, it's good enough. In times of war, the rules change. We must defend our freedom to be indiscreet in sensitive diplomatic settings. We must defend our right to chew with our mouths open and curse over open microphones. Did our leader do so? Indeed he did - Mission Accomplished.

JoeG said...

I'm with Greek Shadow on this one. So the guy swore. Is it really that newsworthy? I'm no fan of his, believe me, but this really isn't worthy of the attention it's getting. I think Streak is right in being more embarrassed about the open-mouthed food slopping and the unwelcome back rub on the German chancellor.

I like ubub's comments about the media choosing to edit the quote or not. So far, the only online news source that left the quote intact in one of it's text stories is CNN.com. The others have all edited it like sh-- or something similar. I would love for some TV news station to play the tape unedited to see if the FCC fines them. Let freedom ring! :)

Streak said...

to be somewhat fair, some of the attention is, as Ubub points out, about how familiar and actually disrespectful Bush is toward Blair. The other part has to do with the underlying foreign policy that is being presented. One blog I read suggested that Bush's comments regarding Syria reflected a pretty deep misunderstanding of the power or lack of power that Syria holds over Hezbollah. I don't know about that.