July 14, 2006

Swimsuits for women--fundy style?

This is just too damn funny.

WholesomeWear is going into its fifth year and, according to Ferguson, has sold thousands of swimsuits in three styles: culotte, skirted and “slimming,” which looks like a loose-fitting housedress. There is an option with the slimming suit to extend the sleeves below the elbows and to lower the hem so it ends just above the ankles. A woman would be swimming in something akin to a choir robe. “These are designed to highlight the face and not the body,” Ferguson says. That may be true, but a woman is more than just a disembodied head. Why be fearful of the rest of her?


Anonymous said...
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Greek Shadow said...

Boy talk about what goes around comes around. This harkens back to the swim outfits circa 1900

ubub said...

Is this from the Onion?

Streak said...

hah. if only.

GS, no doubt. This should actually be the Burkha brand swimsuit now.