July 28, 2006

still on the road

But a few good reads:

slacktivist: YNATKC (cont'd.) is a great post.

And Lebanon: A Jewish Moderate's Lament.

But I think Jon Swift wins the prize for most creative in this treatise on what it means to be a Chickenhawk.
Favorite quote:
"We conservatives are morally opposed to ad hominem attacks and use them only as a last resort. The fact that these left-wing Moonbats (as we conservative bloggers endearingly refer to liberals) feel they have to resort to name calling just shows that they have no argument."


Greek Shadow said...

Chickenhawk is a very discriptive name for all the chickens who had too much to do during Vietnam to fight for their country, but are so willing to send others today. What does moonbat describe? And I'm so glad to know you don't resort to namecalling!

Greek Shadow said...

Oops no antecedent to my pronoun. The above comment was directed to the conservative in the post, not to Streak.