August 8, 2007

Busy again

This last week has been tough, and both SOF and I have tried to work through our grief with some physical labor. Really amazing how much that helps.

My latest project, which I am scrambling to complete before the semester starts, is to restore the garden pond in my backyard.

I should have taken pictures earlier, because this thing was nearly completely covered with vines and weeds. I cleared it away to reveal the potential of this pond.

Last week, I rented a pump and emptied as much of the fetid water that had accumulated over this wet spring.

Yesterday, I rented a little machine called a Groundhog (I think) to run a trench for the electrical. Wrestling with this beast has me quite sore today, but in a short hour or so of work, this machine allowed me to dig a trench some 14 inches deep over 60 feet.

Streak kept a watchful eye on me while I worked.

And then retired to the deck to oversee the entire operation.

Meanwhile, Abbie thought that my digging meant she should do some of her own.

Dirty nose dog.

Today, I am quite sore and tired, but it was a successful afternoon. I now await the electricians to complete the power connection and once the pond dries, will work to repair some cracks in the concrete walls. Then we fill it and add the waterfall. After it works for a while, we are looking to add fish.

3 comments: said...

Looking good!

Nicole said...

awesome! My parents did this in their back yard. Their koi fish keep multiplying. Too bad they're in TN or I could get you some free Koi fish.

Streak said...

Koi would be cool, but we have decided to populate the pond with Oklahoma native species.