August 22, 2007

This kind of confirms what I suspected

The Barna group released a poll that suggests that evangelicals prioritize marriage and families and improving the overall spiritual condition of the US--but don't care nearly as much about environmental concerns or improving conditions for children.
Bible Belt Blogger: When Aimee Semple McPherson came to Arkansas: "In a different way, evangelicals stood out regarding their views on the environment. Only 35% said that protecting the environment should be a top priority - the lowest score recorded among any of the 80 subgroups studied. The national average was 60%. Oddly, evangelicals were also 20 percentage points below the national norm in saying that improving the overall care and resources devoted to children is an absolute necessity. Again, that placed evangelicals at the lowest end of the continuum in terms of support for that idea.'"
Odd. Given that evangelicals voice the most concern for marriage and family, but the least for children? And who do they think are harmed by environmental problems? Are they with Dobson that the environment is only about trees and birds? (Nevermind that these are the same people pushing a literal creation which means that God created those trees and birds that they care so little about.)

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