August 5, 2007


Watching Tim Russert this morning and feeling the need to write him an angry letter. On 08 candidates, he remarked that we needed to know more about these people before electing them, and used GWB as one of those people. Yet Russert interviewed Candidate Bush and lobbed softballs to him. Now, Russert talks about that as if he had nothing to do with the obfuscation and poor reporting.

Interesting polling data came up, however. Seems like the public is starting to see the Republicans as not very trustworthy:
"Many of the issues being discussed by the presidential candidates — including the war in Iraq, health care, education and immigration — would be better handled by the Democratic Party, according to the poll’s respondents. And among issues traditionally known to be strong points for Republicans, such as the deficit, taxes and protecting America’s interests on trade matters, the Democrats now hold an advantage."
This is reaping the harvest of BushCo, and I have no sympathy for hardline Republicans. Many of us suggested this guy was absolutely incompetent and corrupt--but you knew better. On moral values, the Republicans still lead, though only by 5 points. How they have a 5 point lead amazes me. What amazes me even more, however, is that the public still gives Republicans the advantage on "promoting a strong military." After Walter Reed, backdoor draft, 15 month extensions, refusing to give our troops adequate time between active duty, cutting research on brain injuries, pushing PTSD soldiers back into duty, etc., etc., how the hell do you give the Republican Party an edge on the Military? After 6 years of absolute control, is our military stronger than it was under Clinton?


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Scott Kohlhaas said...

According to Evan Knappenberger and, one servicemember's ETS (end time of service) is 2038. A back door draft of 30 years duration!

Would you be willing to spread the word about It's a site dedicated to shattering the myths surrounding the selective slavery system and building mass civil disobedience to stop the draft before it starts.

Our banner on a website, printing and posting the anti-draft flyer or just telling friends would help.


Scott Kohlhaas

PS. When it comes to conscription, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!