August 22, 2007

A few more thoughts

First, Michael Vick. Sully says it very well, calling what the QB did:
"cruelty. It's a vice we don't talk of much, but it is essentially the aspect of the human psyche that sees a vulnerable person, animal or thing, and exploits that vulnerability with further violence or power. It's evil. It's why I despise torture in every form. It is not just the absence of love or respect; it's the active presence of its opposite. And animals, creatures over which we have near total control or dominion, are more vulnerable to such cruelty than many humans. Vick is an inhumane bully, an exemplum of cruelty and arrogance."
I also think that those who would so cruelly treat dogs this way, will do so to humans.


And this is interesting and also a bit suspected--given the Bush admins approach to all things regulation. But McClatchy reports that:
"The Bush administration and China have both undermined efforts to tighten rules designed to ensure that lead paint isn't used in toys, bibs, jewelry and other children’s products.

Both have fought efforts to better police imported toys from China."
At least no one blames the lead in toys on some "act of God" but it appears that the lead scandal is very related to the Bush/GOP view of capitalism, which is, no taxes and no regulation. Even if those taxes are to pay for bridges and the regulation is to protect children.



steve s said...

There is plenty of research that indicates that animal torture is often a precursor to violent acts against people. Nonetheless, it is disturbing and I hope that Vick faces the consequences for his action.

Tony said...

I had wondered if you were going to post anything about Vick. Frankly, every bit of it just makes me sick. Unfortunately, much of Vick's sentence may be remanded but I am still glad he'll never play football again.

I never liked Vick as a QB; a QB that cannot let go of the ball is no asset to the team.

Streak said...

Yeah, what I read and heard disgusted me so much I often had to change the channel.

I hope he never plays again. We will see.