August 27, 2007

Not sure about this guy either

Latest rumors are suggesting that this is the guy.
TPMmuckraker August 27, 2007 9:18 AM: "Meanwhile, Fox News cites 'sources' as saying that Solicitor General Paul Clement is the likely choice to be Gonzales' temporary replacement. Clement, as third in succession at the Justice Department, has been serving as acting attorney general for the U.S. attorney firings investigation."
His loyalty to Gonzo and Bush will be front and center as well as any lack of effort he made to investigate the firings as Solicitor General. Or lack of willingness to investigate anything in this godforsaken administration.


mary said...

Trapper John over at DailyKos says it more succinctly than I can..

The hallmark of Bush Administration personnel recruitment has been its commitment to one, and only one, qualification for employment -- unswerving loyalty to Bush and Cheney. Therefore, it should be assumed that anyone who has served in an appointed capacity in this Administration is loyal to Bush, not the Constitution. And that's enough to disqualify any AG nominee.

Sounds about right to me.

steve s said...

I would agree with Trapper John. My state (MI) elects the AG, as opposed to having the chief exec appoint them. Frequently, the AG is from the opposing party. While there is often conflict, at least the person doesn't serve at the whim of their boss, but rather the people. I wonder if this would be a better system for the feds.

Streak said...

Yeah, at this point, Bush could appoint Jesus himself and I would stop and ask a question. His need to have someone in place who loves him seems more valued than serving the American people. Or he would have fired Gonzo months ago.