August 18, 2007

Couple of cute stories

From yesterday. Obviously later in the evening, my Alafair moment took over the night, but the afternoon was rather charming. First, I mowed (no, that isn't charming) but before I could get started, this woman came over and asked me and my neighbor to help her daughter push a pickup down the street a few houses to their rental driveway. We agreed and negotiated the busy east/west traffic. We told the daughter to put it in neutral, and let off the brake. We started pushing and yelled steering commands. But the truck just kept going straight. Finally she hit the brake and stopped the truck. I assumed the lack of power meant that the power steering wasn't working right. But when we came around the front, she said, "the wheel seems locked up."

Then she pulled the keys out of her purse. Yep, a locked steering wheel would cause that.


Second, we went to the pet adoption where we found Abbie. We returned a crate they were so nice to lend us and took them some spare leashes and extra paper towels--things we assumed they could use. They were so nice. And several asked who we had adopted. When we told them Maggie--now Abbie--one said, "what and you didn't bring her back to visit?" and the other said "Please send pictures."

I thought with all the dogs they might lose track of the individuals. But they knew exactly who is running around our house making us smile.

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