October 5, 2007

Bush, feh

Eugene Robinson is a pretty reliable columnist and I think his take on the Bush veto is particularly good.
As for me, I don't know what to call the president's rationale but a pack of flat-out lies.

The president said Congress was trying to "federalize health care," even though the program in question is run by the states. The president said that "I don't want the federal government making decisions for doctors and customers," even though the vetoed bill authorizes no such decisions -- the program enrolls children in private, I repeat, private, health insurance plans.

And here's my favorite: "This program expands coverage, federal coverage, up to families earning $83,000 a year. That doesn't sound poor to me." But the bill he vetoed prohibits states from using the program to aid families who make more than three times the federal poverty limit, or about $60,000 a year for a family of four. Most of the aid would go to families earning substantially less.
Robinson makes the obvious point that Bush invoking fiscal responsibility is ridiculous. He rubber stamped every spending bill that the Republicans put forward. But what is even more frustrating is that this man claims to be standing on principle. The same principle, let me remind you, that allowed him to allow Cheney and Addington to turn us into a torturing nation.

Damn glad he is so "principled."



Nina said...


There, I feel a little better. But only a little.

Streak said...

Yep. Hey, a little is better than none.

But more people are feeling this.