October 9, 2007

Race again

At the risk of another attack for somehow painting the entire Republican South as racist, I point you to this Talking Points Memo that is just too funny:
"I don't know how Fred Thompson's naming of former Virginia Sen. George Allen as one his three campaign co-chairs can be seen as anything other than a nod and a wink to a certain brand of racially-charged Republican voters.

As for Allen, he's apparently focused on another run for Virginia governor--and on escaping the shadow of his macaca comment:

"I'm trying to help out candidates in Virginia," [Allen] said, mentioning GOP House member Dave Nutter in the New River Valley and "a fella named Omarh Rajah running for the school board in Chesterfield. We've got some really good folks running."
A fella named Omarh Rajah. Does it make me a cynic if I think Allen didn't slip that name in there by accident?

Late Update: The Omarh Rajah campaign website lists his endorsements. Allen's is not among them."

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