October 9, 2007

Patriotism and Stupidity

Evidently, Barak Obama dared to not wear an American flag lapel pin. He said:
"'Patriotism to me, isn't what you wear on your lapel,' the Illinois Democrat said in a statement. 'It's what you carry in your heart. I don't need a pin to certify my love for this country.'"
Of course, the idiots at Fox are up in arms. And not only Sean Hannity, but that crew of complete idiots on their morning "show" won't stop questioning Obama's patriotism.

Just when you think these people can't get dumber. Any idiot can wear a lapel pin. And many do. I think it was Samuel Johnson who said that "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel," yet our country wants to define loyalty and competence purely by these superficial displays.


In other news, I believe I dreamt about Rudy Giuliani last night. I am pretty sure he said something and I asked, "is this about 9-11?"


Bootleg Blogger said...

Lewis Black did a nice number on these "non-issues" last night on the daily show.-BB

Tony said...

A pastor I know used to wear a lapel pin that said "Clergy". I found that funny.