October 17, 2007

Only Bush would think this was a good idea

And it should be "idea" since I am no longer convinced the man thinks at all.
WSJ.com : Contraception Foe Named to Contraception Post: "The Department of Health and Human Services appointed Susan Orr--who has spoken out against contraception--to a post responsible for U.S. contraception programs."
First, the WHO just reported that outlawing abortions didn't stop them (duh) but made them more dangerous. Contraceptives were one of the ways to reduce abortions, which I was informed, conservative Christians care about. Evidently, not enough to actually think this through, mind you. And Second, thanks to President Jesus, we get people appointed to the UN who want to blow it up, people appointed to oversee mine safety who want less, and idiots who oppose birth control to oversee the programs on birth control!

And it gets worse. Yesterday, I read that Bush found a group of 29 percenters in Arkansas. Yes, the man who claims to be driven by principle, can't abide having to answer questions from those who doubt him and constantly seeks out people who agree that vetoing health insurance for poor kids is a good idea. And the group he found must have been in line for a lobotomy elsewhere:
"'One man began by commending Mr. Bush 'on your steadfastness and your faith.' Another concluded by saying, 'Thank you for being my president for the last seven years,' with an emphasis on the word 'my.' A third expressed dismay that Mr. Bush could not run for president again. . . ."
Good Holy God. In what universe is this man a good leader? On NPR I heard that his SCHIP veto is likely to be sustained by idiot Republicans and the polling among Republicans backs them up. 6 of 10 think the veto should be upheld because they think the President has information they don't. Seriously? What in the last 7 years tells you that this man has any information that is sound? Has he been right at all?

At this time, I am sure glad that the President thinks Jesus is his favorite political philosopher. Think what he would do otherwise?

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