October 15, 2007

Great quote

A British writer suggests that the greatest threat to Western democracies is from Western democracies.
To portray Islam as a whole as a concerted threat to western security, and to imply that the West’s democratic institutions and freedoms are not proof against that threat, is absurd and close to treason. Then to demand that western freedoms be dismantled and stored away for the duration of a “war on terror” is to wave the flag of surrender.

This defeatism led the American Congress to allow its president to authorise torture and detention without trial in what Senator Robert Byrd called “the slow unravelling of the people’s liberties”. It enabled a British Home Office to curb free speech and habeas corpus. It arms police, fortifies buildings and impedes the free movement of citizens. It makes every Christian suspicious of every Muslim.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- good article. It hits on my frustrations over the last several years.BB

steve s said...

Britain has been curtailing freedoms for decades. He just noticed this?

He is spot on about us, though. Can we go back? Is our next president going to be brave enough to dismantle some of these policies? Congress seems unwilling.

Tony said...

It seems like this writer might be reading from the John Hagee "end-times prophecy call every dark-skinned, dark-haired human in America suspect" playbook.

Look out Iran.