November 4, 2007

Hey, what do you know?

Reading Jon Swift and I see that he nominated my blog for "Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 Blogs" in the The 2007 Weblog Awards.



ubub said...

Does this mean that Jon Swift thinks your blog is somewhere between the 3501st and 5000th bestest blog on the whole entire internets?

Jon Swift said...

Congratulations! The ranking actually comes from Truth Laid Bear, not me. You are ever so much higher in my estimation. Good luck.

Streak said...

Thanks, Jon Swift.

I always love it when famous bloggers drop in. If people don't read Jon Swift, then they are missing one of the great blogs out there.

mary said...

And he's been gone for what, 250 years? Dude, even dead guys read you. Awesome! Where's your Weblog Award finalist logo?

Streak said...

Given that I am getting my ass kicked in the voting, not sure that I should call more attention to that. :)

ubub said...

But we can vote once every 24 hours! Thanks Diebold!

BTW, the code word I got just now was 'gilhe,' nearly He Who Must Not Be Named.

konagod said...

And I've been voting for you too, daily. But it's the Kucinich syndrome. I always pick the ones destined to finish last.

Keep your chin up though. It's just all for fun.

I'd appreciate your vote though, in the Best of the Rest 8751+. It would be a triumph to finish 2nd.