November 30, 2007

Just more Friday outrage

Tony blogs about sweatshop labor making crucifixes aimed for mega-church gift stores and your local mega-Bible Bookstore:
"The report records The Singer Company that markets the crucifixes, part of the Association for Christian Retail, made $4.63 BILLION last year."
The workers take home around 9 cents an hour.

I wonder if Joel Osteen can smile at this story?


ubub said...

I thought God wanted me to be rich? How can I be rich if I have to pay a living wage to those who make the crufixes I sell?

Streak said...


That entire WWJD? idea is fascinating. Would Jesus create or buy from sweatshops? And the question Huckabee and every conservative Christian who supports the death penalty won't answer--Would Jesus sentence someone to death? Would he pull the trigger himself? Give the signal? Would Jesus look on approvingly as Judas was waterboarded?

I think not.