November 25, 2007

Light blogging

Thanksgiving week and all. I hope you all had a good one. We have been busy. My folks drove in from Colorado for the smoked turkey and good conversations. Or to see us, I am not sure.

But as I said, we were busy. Thursday, after eating, we went to our friends M&M for desert with the Norman family. When you have two pie makers with the ability of SOF and M's sister S, you know you are in for some great food. On Friday, my Dad and I played golf and snuck in 9 holes before it turned chilly. We all sat around and watched OU wax OSU. We had a real nice week and are thankful for our good friends and family.

I think some news happened while we were busy, but that will have to wait. In the meantime, here is a clip from Wilco's ACL show that is just great. I looked for "Handshake Drugs," but until I find a copy, this version of "Impossible Germany" will have to suffice. Nels Cline is just spectacular on this one.

More later.


zalm said...

happy thanksgiving, streak.

speaking of nels cline, have you checked out the soundtrack to "i'm not there" yet? there's kind of a "house band" called "million dollar bashers" that plays on several tracks, and the band includes mr. cline. i've been enjoying it quite a bit.

the itunes version was something like 37 tracks for 14 or 15 bucks, and it's impressively consistent in both tone and quality. a few missteps here and there, but not many. and tweedy's track is a beaut.

Streak said...

Thank you Zalm for the good wishes (now and in the past) and for the music suggestion. I did not care for Cline that much when I first saw him with Wilco, but he has quickly become one of my favorite guitar players. I will check out that soundtrack.