November 11, 2007

Sunday evening

Tired and not ready for the week to begin. But a few notes before I turn in.


At the risk of attracting trolls, let me note that Paul Krugman is still upset with Reagan's manipulation of southern racial politics. And no, I am not saying that all white southerners, all Republicans, all Southern Republicans, or all Southern White REpublicans are racist.



Speaking of Republicans, I am increasingly tired of their (and Joe Lieberman's) saber-rattling with Iran. As is Admiral Fallon, head of Cent Com, who says that we are not prepping for an attack, and right wing rhetoric is not helping!

Now just waiting to hear how Fallon is UnAmerican, weak on terror, or deserving of a Swift-Boating.


After a weekend of football, I found thisversion of Mike Gundy's rant set to Survivor. (Click on the "I am a Man" link below the YouTube clip). Sorry, OSU fans, but I cringe every time I watch that spectacle. It deserves some mocking.

Enough for tonight.


Anonymous said...

At one point in his life, Tom Cruise was jumping on couches and telling Matt Lauer "You don't know the history of psychiatry - I do." That's what it was like last time you brought up the Southern Strategy. Let's just hope everyone stays off the furniture this time.

Streak said...

Oh yes. By all means. I am the Tom Cruise in this story.


Streak said...

Even David Brooks as he disagrees with Krugman's overall conclusions concedes the southern strategy is racist.