November 29, 2007

The Huckabee dodge

Someone else saw it the same way (What would Jesus Dodge?):
Huckabee was dodging a direct question on the very area -- the intersection of religion and policy -- on which he is building his campaign. The man whose ads call him a "Christian Leader" and who says his faith "defines me" wouldn't answer a pretty simple question on how his faith affects his opinion on a policy issue.

And worse, Huckabee uses his nice guy Pastor act to mask something else--being an ass.
Let's take his answer to a question about NASA sending humans to Mars; in his answer, he said, "Now, whether we need to send somebody to Mars, I don't know. But I'll tell you what: If we do, I've got a few suggestions, and maybe Hillary could be on the first rocket to Mars." Everyone laughed. But the best word to describe that crack is is probably "bitchy." It was just a cheap shot, both ugly and shamelessly pandering. It came from a place of hate within Mike Huckabee's heart and those of the audience whose favor he was seeking. But he said it with a smile, so I guess that means it's OK.
The part that bugs me is that the blogger is right. For all the talk about Christian love and compassion, there is a huge well of hatred in the religious right that belies their putative faith. And what makes that worse is that they believe they are more righteous than the rest of us, and therefore less hateful than the rest of us. Which makes Leighton's comment all the more scary--about the rumor circulating (and given some credence by the Wapo) that Obama is a closet Muslim. Ten bucks says that is cycling through religious right email lists and will become part of the dialogue. Either they will hate Hillary or Obama and try very hard to give us another Pastor in chief.


ubub said...

I've already received several of those "closet Muslim"/educated at a madrassa emails from various relatives. has addressed this for those who don't trust the so -called "Clinton News Network." opgpqp

Tony said...

I really don't understand the necessity of hating Hillary. I know she is an easy target but she is just as qualified, or more so, than any of the others.

I had little respect for McCain and his "dummy" and "How do we beat the *&!!#?" remarks several weeks ago; pardon me for thinking Huckabee, a former minister, would be a bit more principled.

Streak said...

yeah, ubub, this is just the beginning. A much easier thing to pass on than something overtly racial.

Tony, don't feel bad. As cynical and jaded as I am, I still keep expecting ministers (former and current) to act more like you. :)

steves said...

I am certainly not a fan of the Clinton's antics and dealings, but to engage in name calling is childish and intellectually lazy.

Tony said...


Awwwww, shucks....


Come now, the debate would not have been nearly as much fun if they actually engaged real issues. WaPo's blog "The Trail" commended how Huckabee seemed to be the most able thinker on his feeter.

steves said...

When was the last time a debate looked at the real issues?

Streak said...

A friend of mine remembered when the League of Women Voters ran the debates, and they seemed to be a little better then. Though that might just be the nostalgia.

You know, perhaps a way to deal with reform on campaigns might be to force actual debates. Make candidates for national office face each other without controlling the questions. Have real debate people ask the questions and enforce the rules.