November 13, 2007


"Jesus Died So We Could Be Rich!": "Jesus Died So We Could Be Rich! Declares Biblical Expert and Best Selling Author Dr. Norman Robertson Believes U.S. Investigation on Mega-Church Pastors is Unjust Because God Wants Us to Be Rich"


Tony said...

Biblical expert? Is there such a thing?

Streak said...

He has to be one, Tony. Just ask him.

ubub said...

Does this also mean that God wants some to be poor and we should thank God that it's not us? Is this some sort of this-world version of Pre-Destination?

Tony said...

Well, that's what the Pharisee said about the publican. "Thank God I'm not like that SINNER over there."

i.m.small said...


There was no need to go to war
Against Iraq, remember,
So now the same lot argues for
Iran attack, the timbre

Ratcheting toward a fever pitch
Just as before the day,
As justified by bait-and-switch
Iraq fell by the way.

Recall there was a false report
About an "evil axis,"
To set the stage, home fears to court,
When, those with minor access

To news about the world beyond
Their navel, clear could see
That the alleged, purported bond
Was not reality.

Then also blaming old Sadaam
(I think I´ll call him Gramps)
For 9-11, with inference drawn,
So obfuscation´s champs

Asserted he possessed a means
(And further the intent)
To bomb the "homeland": split your sheens
Laughing, no joke was meant.

(After a decade underneath
Assault, it was unlikely,
Yet the US, in love with death
Like heard him taunting "strike me,"

Though now in retrospect we learn
He secretly had offered
To "slip away," but state concern
Preferred a war be suffered.)

Today the same distortions rise,
The same conflations based
Never on fact--to clenched-shut eyes
True reason is a waste.

If these United States again
Attack sans provocation
Save false-contrived, then, gentlemen,
Please God to damn my nation.