November 20, 2007

Top Albums of 2007--3: Neon Bible

Ubub and Foubub introduced us to the Arcade Fire a few ACL Festivals. We were unprepared for the sound and it took a while to adjust. We soon found ourselves listening to many of the tracks off their first full-length album (Funeral) and then looked forward to hearing the new Neon Bible. It did not disappoint. A very dark album, but also very enjoyable. I love the title song as well as the "(Antichrist television blues)," and "Keep the Car Running." As I said, dark, but also very inventive and interesting. Not, perhaps for everyone.

After I wrote this, I noticed that SOF caught the Arcade Fire on ACL. (The week before was Wilco--including the most amazing version of "Handshake Drugs" that I have ever heard). We sat down and watched the set and were reminded of how interesting this band is and how much we really liked their first album as well.

Great album and well worth the listen.

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ubub said...

Good stuff, indeed, although I still don't like it as well as Funeral. That one was such a revelation that it's hard to compare.