March 24, 2008

Another Conservative for Obama

Andrew J. Bacevich suggests that Obama is a better choice for conservatism than McCain. True conservatism, he suggests, in the way of
a commitment to individual liberty, tempered by the conviction that genuine freedom entails more than simply an absence of restraint;

a belief in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the rule of law;

veneration for our cultural inheritance combined with a sense of stewardship for Creation;

a reluctance to discard or tamper with traditional social arrangements;

respect for the market as the generator of wealth combined with a wariness of the market’s corrosive impact on humane values;
has fared poorly over the last 20 years:
"The presidency of George W. Bush illustrates the point. In 2001, President Bush took command of a massive, inefficient federal bureaucracy. Since then, he has substantially increased the size of that apparatus, which during his tenure has displayed breathtaking ineptitude both at home and abroad. Over the course of Bush’s two terms in office, federal spending has increased 50 percent to $3 trillion per year. Disregarding any obligation to balance the budget, Bush has allowed the national debt to balloon from $5.7 to $9.4 trillion. Worse, under the guise of keeping Americans “safe,” he has arrogated to the executive branch unprecedented powers, thereby subverting the Constitution. Whatever else may be said about this record of achievement, it does not accord with conservative principles."


Wasp Jerky said...

Conservatives either forget or don't really understand that Bush isn't a conservative. He's a neoconservative. There's are several distinct differences between the two.

Streak said...

Or they don't care. I am not sure which. Conservatives I talk to simply focus on the potential damage a liberal might do while completely ignoring the very real damage this President and his enablers have clearly done. Some get it. One conservative friend referred to this Presidency as an "abject failure that has harmed the Republican party," but as far as I know, he is still planning on supporting McCain.