March 20, 2008


Back. SOF and I left town last Sunday for a little skiing and cursing (most of the cursing was mine) and some great dinners with a nice group of families who let us in on their tradition. That is cool enough. The skiing was good and I went down a slope as steep as I have ever seen.

But for now, we are trying to unpack and catch up. Our motel promised wireless, but it was down all week. In many ways, I am glad, because it allowed for a more real vacation experience. But I had intended to inform more that we were on the road.

Today was spent driving and catching up on the news. I may need to read more, but it strikes me as extremely odd that Barack Obama is getting criticism for his pastor's criticism of America. Evidently, his pastor subscribes to some of the more ridiculous conspiracy theories about the government and Black America. Yeah. And John McCain's two spiritual advisors think God destroyed New Orleans because of the gays, and that America was founded to destroy Islam.

Oh, and one of his previous buddies from the religious right said that liberals and feminists allowed 9-11. Why is it that white idiots are not a political liability?

I will leave my bright blog friends to answer that. I am off to finish some dinner. Hope you are all well.


ubub said...

You had to go out of town to curse?! Skiing might be a challenge in your neck of the woods, but cursing used to be less of a problem.

steves said...

Downhill skiing and cursing go hand in hand. Much like home improvement and cursing.

I wondered the same thing about Obama's pastor versus McCain's spiritual advisors. I know I typically the one to point out when both sides are doing the same thing, but tha isn't happening here. It seems that Obama will be blasted for the statements of anyone he as ever been associated with, no matter what the connection.

He has already said that he disagrees with his pastor on the controversial statements and has never made any similar statements himself. This is such a non-issue and I am getting sick of it.

BTW, glad to have you back. I was wondering what was up.

Streak said...

The cursing is really separate from the skiing. I am more comfortable on skis than in about any other outdoor activity. But I also like to swear.

Steves, I agree with you on the Obama and McCain thing. The media seems to love McCain and refuses to look at the ridiculous statements coming out from his supporters. Hagee blaming gays for Katrina is about as dumb as you can get.

leighton said...

Even people at Fox News are getting sick of the Obama-bashing--Chris Wallace and Brian Kilmeade have both expressed that they've had enough.

Good to have you back, Streak.