March 10, 2008

More than Bush's veto that is problematic

As several have noted, Bush and company seem to have succeeded in the word game where torture becomes "harsh interrogation techniques." And that, in some ways, is scarier.

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Leighton said...

Fred's right that there's no reasonable way to make the argument the administration is making, but I'm not sure why he's confused about why journalists would buy it.* Reporters tend to sell out at the drop of a hat if they get so much as a hint of access to the corridors of power. I'm not sure how new this is, but what does seem to be new is one party's overwhelming dominance in exploiting this systemic flaw in journalism to their benefit. McCain's barbecues are a perfect example.

(* Though I'm not sure he's actually confused. He's good at making rhetorical points like that.)

I also read an argument recently (I can't remember where) that Newt Gingrich helped bring about an era where Republican lawmakers thought of themselves of Republicans first and members of the legislative branch second, which (if true) has exacerbated or even created the problem of Congress becoming derelict in its duty of supervising the executive branch. I'd have to research this more, though. It seems to rely disproportionately much on one cause.