March 3, 2008

McCain's good buddy Hagee

Lengthy kos diary on the ramblings and craziness that is John Hagee. Many miss that his brand of Zionism masks anti-semitism--they like Jews, but only as converted to Christianity or foils for the end times. Make no mistake about it, Hagee is one messed up dude. The fact that the GOP cuddles up to him is sickening for the party and for our country.


ubub said...

I find it interesting that Obama was expected not only to denounce Farahkhan, but "reject" or "reject and denounce" him. Meanwhile, McCain openly thanks Hagee for his support while carefully noting that he does not personally agree with everything that Hagee has said. This is more in line with Obama's initial response to the question in the last debate.

Streak said...

With the important distinction that Obama did not seek out and recruit Farakhan's endorsement as McCain did of Hagee.

Bootleg Blogger said...

Man- Ubub cuts to the chase on this one. This story is just dripping double-standard juice all over everyone.
Later- BB

PS I emailed you this but might as well post it here, too. SBC Leader Uses Obscene Slur to Describe Jewish Senator

steves said...

Oops. I have referred to him as Chuck the schmuck in the past, but I am not a religious leader. I think Schumer is an example of many htings I despise in a politician, but he should have been more careful in his choice of words.

I keep wondering if McCain is dense. Weren't there any other Evangelical leaders he could find? He seems to have really gone after his support.

leighton said...

Dense or surrounded by religiously illiterate people, one of the two. For some reason it's not common knowledge that not all evangelicals are (1) interchangeable or (2) batshit crazy.