March 2, 2008

Sunday morning Music

This week we will have one of the few really anticipated album releases of this year (for this household, anyway) when Kathleen Edwards releases her third album--Asking for Flowers. Edwards was one of our favorite acts at the last ACL festival and her first two albums are regulars in my playlists. Her first album (Failer) was just stunning, and I really thought her sophomore (Back to Me) was even stronger. Amazing voice and solid song writing. Here is a video off that second album, and another about this most recent album.

So, Tuesday morning, I will be at the record store buying this cd.


Wilco played on SNL last night. It was kind of cool, though I thought they were not nearly as good as normal. But still better than the average fare. Speaking of that, the band played 5 nights in Chicago recently which must have been amazing. See for yourself (if interested) as you can download mp3s from this run of shows. I have four of the nights in my Itunes right now--7 hours of wilco live. See you in 8 hours....

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