March 5, 2008

Primary wildness

A month ago this would not have surprised me at all. Actually, a month ago, Hilary was holding an 18 point lead in Ohio and a large lead in Texas as well. So in that terms, Obama did very well, and we are still waiting to see how the delegate count works out. Some I read suggest that it won't change the delegate math much at all.

Also significant (possibly) was Fathead Limbaugh calling on Republicans to go vote for Hilary in Ohio. Be interesting to see how many dittoheads there still are out there. I don't think any of them read this blog, but who knows?

Oh, and finally, the fake candidate
dropped out.

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steves said...

There were some other conservative commentators calling for people to vote for Hillary. They believe that McCain stands a better chance of beating her, as opposed to Obama. I think they are right.

Locally, we had the same call during our primary and we also had Democrats calling for Dems to vote for Romney, so that it would prevent any of the frontrunners from winning and it would be continues fighting amongst the candidates.

I think voting in a primary for the sole purpose of being disruptive is petty, but I doubt that many people really do this. I have not seen any data to suggest that it has made any impact.