March 6, 2008

A glimpse at wingnuttery

Josh has a great video collection of the idiot Hagee and his new BFF (John McCain). My favorite is his explanation of hurricanes and Katrina as timed to destroy a gay pride parade. Seriously. God, evidently, is such a bad shot that he had to destroy much of the state and even parts of Mississippi--to say nothing of the bulk of New Orleans--just to stop a gay pride parade. And evidently, God has it in mostly for the poor people of NOLA. Because they were the gayest?


And then Charlotte Allen answers questions about her "column." She does little to dispel the idea that she is batshit crazy. And hey, all the batshit crazy wingnuts like Katrina. No wonder they didn't punish Bush for his horrible response. My favorite is when she uses the fact that many poor people have been unable to return to New Orleans as proof that the hurricane was good at breaking their dependency on welfare. Gah.

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