October 19, 2008

And another conservative endorses Obama

As Bunch notes John McCain countered Colin Powell with the endorsement of a Mexican-American soap star. Good for her. But right wing radio personality Michael Smerconish just endorsed Obama and not because he likes his tax policy, but because he thinks Obama is more right on the war on terror.

Oh, and just saw on the blogs that Pat Buchanan said that Powell endorsed Obama because they are both black. Not that race is a problem with the Republican party, of course. I am told that about every week that racism is not a problem any more, and certainly not a problem more associated with the Repubs than the Dems. The fact that we have nominated the first African American candidate for President is irrelevant. Also irrelevant is the Republican nominee cheering on hatred of Obama in the most cynical campaign I have ever seen. That is just politics. You know, the lady from Alaska reminding everyone that we "don't really know much about Obama" when, as Jon Stewart pointed out the other day, Joe the fricking Plumber has answered more questions than Sarah Palin.

Nope. John McCain is perfectly willing to undo whatever racial reconciliation we have made. He is willing to do whatever it takes, evidently, because that is the right wing way--the way of the religious right and the neo-con. Ends justify the means, and if that means inciting racial hatred, then that is what we will do. Just as Jesus did.

Oh wait....

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