October 2, 2008


Am I wrong, or does Sarah Palin pronounce it the same way?

Oh, and her favorite word is "also."

And I don't like her. And I still don't see anything that suggests that she knows anything close to enough to govern.


Sigh. Mavericks.

She is not an idiot. But she isn't far from it.


"Doggone it?" WTF? Is it too much to ask that our national candidates could speak English. Maybe?


And she is "thankful" that the Constitution has duties for the VP. Also.



"Work with Ya. "



We will do with the VP what is best for the country. Whether it is legal or not.


I think she is completely blather. Blather. Also. Blather.


Is she really an oil and gas regulator?

World View? American Exceptionalism. We are unapologetically better than anyone else.


I am starting to hate her. Ya.


Reform. Maverick. Blah. Blah.


Did I say Maverick? Also? Also. Ya. Doggone it. Ya. Blah, blah, blah, maverick, blah, blah, reform, blah, blah. Also.


Oh, and Palin called the commander in Afghanistan "McClellan. didn't she?


Up there. In Alaska.



Forgot "folks." Evidently there are a lot of "folks" in Alaska.


Oh god. The problem with those interviews was the evil media filter. It wasn't Palin. It was Katie Couric.

"fight for our freedoms also." Jeebus. She could be in charge of the bombs.


leighton said...

This was one debate that was definitely better with some drinks. My favorite drinking game rule was:

When Palin claims she said "Thanks but no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere: demand a new drink from your hosts, say "thanks but no thanks," and then when no one’s looking, take it anyway, then claim you never wanted it.

Now I'm off to drink enough OJ to stun a moose to metabolize this stuff so I won't be hung over tomorrow...

Tony said...

I was genuinely unimpressed but feel like Palin did a much better job than her detractors, me included, expected. I believe however, that a strong case can be made that the debate really wasn't Biden vs. Palin.

It was either Palin vs. herself or McCain vs. McCain.

Palin tried to make the argument that McCain is some kind of new rising star; the whole "maverick" and "agent of reform" image grew thin quickly. But Biden trounced on that and I loved toward the end of the debate when he finally called her out on it with the machine-gun style of his comparison of Palin's "partner" to Bush.

If we go the Palin vs. herself route, she tried to out-folksiness herself with that ridiculous plastic smile and make out that Republicans are actually concerned about the middle class--baloney.

Biden's rejoinder on "I know what it is like" when he referenced the family accident early in his career should go down in debate history. If she did three days worth of homework, she shouldn't have tried to play that card. She looked foolish trying to play Biden as a Washington elite in that regard.

I do think Biden's references to his own hometown was overblown; after the third or fourth mention of Scranton and Home Depot it was obvious he was trying to out-Wasilla Palin.

There are many other areas of the debate I would like to talk about, but work needs to get done. I may post some thoughts later on my own blog. May not though. Tired of Palin.


You may like Pastor Dan's inebriated script on the debate...

JoeG said...

Good lord. She didn't fall on her face like I expected her to, but man, Streak, I had the same annoyances about her mannerisms that you did. And for mercy's sake, how many questions did she completely blow off and go off on some tangent about something completely unrelated?!? It was truly bothersome. She also came across as a bit condescending on several occasions, especially when she pulled the Reagan "there you go again" line. That came across very poorly, though I'm sure the right loved it.
Biden was fantastic, and the immediate polling afterward showed that, while Palin improved her image a bit, Biden blew her out of the water. The one stat that interested me: people were asked if they believed the candidate was sufficiently educated on the issues and demonstrated a good understanding of the important issues. Palin's "yes" rating on that question increased from the high 30% range to, I believe, 64%. Biden's "yes" rating increased from 67% to 98%. 98%!!! That one blew me away, for whatever it is worth.
Leighton, anyone who drank any time she said "also", "maverick" or "up here in Alaska" is probably suffering from alcohol poisoning today! I think even the moose plugged up their antlers after the first 30 minutes.