October 7, 2008

Wow. Alaskan Secessionist party wackier than we thought

Their founder ranted in front of the UN against the US, in a speech sponsored by Iran. Just imagine if Obama was connected to a group like that.

But Palin can get away with suggesting that Obama is "palling around with terrorists."

Her glee at using this kind of slander and lies makes me wonder if she isn't some kind of awful person. As many bloggers have noted, McCain and Palin are stoking up rallies and then surprised at the racist and xenophobic outbursts. Dana Milbank reports that one rally included her supporters turning on reporters and shouting racist epithets at an African American sound man.

The Democratic nominee for President has a lot of security because there are a lot of nutjobs out there. From what I heard, he has more security than Bush because there are more threats lodged against him. Now the Republican candidates are stoking that anger and actually encouraging it. I am not saying they want something bad to happen to Obama, but they are perfectly willing to rally the racists if that will help them get elected. That is stunningly irresponsible.

But Palin and McCain's patriotism is unassailable. Fine. Perhaps we should at least note that they have absolutely no moral courage.

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zalm said...

I drove by Sen. Obama's house the other night, now that we're neighbors. The intersection his house is on has completely changed from three months ago: cement barricades, police and secret service at several points along the intersection, and I think they've shut down most of the block that he lives on to through traffic.

I have no idea how that compares to the security around past candidates' houses (I suppose it's easier if you have a big ranch), but it was impressive.