October 1, 2008

A very interesting take on Palin

That, I think most Repubs and many Democrats have missed. From a Coates reader email:
"For many Gen X women like myself (and Palin is Gen X) the primary sexist experience is: 'Those men gave the job to that clueless chick instead of me, because the boss thinks she's hot and/or will be a yes-man with no ideas of her own.'

If, for some Boomer women, Obama's win over Hillary represents the guy they lost the promotion to, Palin's selection plays the same role for Gen X women. We've seen it: first the incompetent yet babelicious woman is promoted over her head, then the boss orders the attention of the entire team/department/etc. to focus on ensuring that 'we' shield her from 'mistakes' (or worse, we get blamed for her mistakes). Palin reminds us of when we got screwed by this sort of bullshit. And it shows in voters' response to her."

Tony posted several of the latest Palin stories and noted how the Evangelical Outpost just continues to gush over Palin's approach to the public square, while retaining her identity as a "lady." While I am sure many evangelical women will do the gymnastics necessary to celebrate Palin (even for the same virtues they savaged Clinton), I think many women, period, will distrust her because of her apparent popularity because of her looks.


Tony said...

I know I am crossing over into the asinine and irrelevant, but I have never found Sarah Palin all that attractive. Sure, that first time I saw her I thought, "Well, she looks nice." But then she began to speak and then I lost any inclination toward her. I guess I prefer substance over style.

I do think she manipulates the "cutesyness" to her advantage, which is what Poehler's Couric concluded in the last SNL parody.

Palin reminds me of a geeky young fellow I saw in a Dairy Queen who walked in with a beautiful blond girl. The boy was quite taken with her as he bought her ice cream before they began working on some school project. Her t-shirt literally said, "I'm too pretty to do math." I keep waiting to see Palin with a similar shirt; "I'm to pretty to do foreign policy."

Monk-in-Training said...


"I'm to pretty to do foreign policy."

OH my gosh! LOL