October 28, 2008


I intended to write a lengthy response to Dobson's fear-mongering letter about Obama (H/t to Carlos). You know, how his letter about possible bad things happening under Obama (gays and abortions for everyone, oh no!), but zip, zilch, nada about the actual real bad things perpetrated on our nation by Dobson pal Bush. Nothing about torture from the Focus on the Family (motto: if it happens to others, we don't care, and it shows) nor concern about actual invasion of privacy or undermining of our constitution.

But then I just ran out of energy to write about James Dobson-a man I have absolutely no respect for. He should be ashamed, but when God herself whispers in your ear, no need for shame.


This electoral map as quilt (h/t M and SOF) is funny and clever. The part about Alaska is great, as is the line about "just about done loving Coldplay."

Me too. I liked their first couple albums ok, and listened to them a lot. But Chris Martin really bugs me now. I really don't like singers who act out what they are singing, and watching him dance makes me fear an epileptic seizure. Either his or mine.



Oh, and Ted Stevens guilty on all counts? Shocking. He seems like such a nice guy.


Small Glimpses said...

This letter sounds much more like a republican manifesto cloaked in Christianity and meant to "shame" us into voting for a republican. In my book, James Dobson lost his integrity many years ago when he aligned himself so tightly with the republican party. Shame is an ineffective way to influence behavior.


I like the election quilt much, much better.

Joe said...

That letter was shameful. Dobson needs to disappear back into private life. He has no business being in the public eye to the extent that he is.

The quilt was hysterical!

leighton said...

For some reason, I can't quite figure out why (*cough*), Dobson reminds me of a violently abusive boyfriend who tells his girlfriend that if he can't have her, nobody can. If he and his can't control the country on their terms, better that it should burn than become something that might provide benefit to other people.

The electoral map is great, but it seems to think that I live in Arizona.

Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- Sounds like Dobson's been watching too much SciFi channel lately. If so many people didn't take him seriously we could just write him off as a sad caricature. Instead, I just have to think he's probably going to hell if, as he asserts, there is one.

Liked the quilt. I have to admit solidarity with the Pennsylvania voters. I went through 3 cards the other day before I hit one that I remembered the zip on- I hadn't changed our address with them yet and totally blanked our old zip.

Speaking of political maps. Have you checked out this article about the emerging Native American political clout? I'd be curious of your and CIL's take on the subject. It's probably old news for those who keep up better but I find it quite interesting. A quick quote from the article by a Native American political organizer:""The next president of the United States will not win the White House without the Indian vote. We've come a long way." Hope that's not a hijack of the thread.


steves said...

I am not going to read the letter. I wish Dobson would retire from punditry and politicking and return to psychology. While I didn't always agree with his theories, he did a much better job backing them up and presenting a logical argument.