October 16, 2008

GOP feeding hate and fear

I had a post working on the debate, and even talking about McCain doing reasonably well (except for the eye-rolling--very presidential, right?). But then I see that the Virginia GOP is sending out fliers that have the phrase "America must look evil in the face" over a face that looks like Obama.

As Sullivan said, "How does any decent person remain a Republican with this kind of crap?"



steves said...

How do they think that helps? I wonder how many people that brings in as opposed to turns off? Some GOP office in California had a sign with Obama and Osama on it and said the only difference was "BS". Disgusting and sad.

Streak said...

I agree, Steve. This can't be helping their cause.

That is one of the things I think McCain will have to live with is that he had an opportunity to try and reform the Republican party away from this constituency. But he chose to run toward the very people who it can be argued ruined the party in the first place.

Streak said...

And then there is the California GOP group that sent out a newsletter featuring Obama's face on a welfare stamp surrounded by watermelons, fried chicken and ribs.

Good news was that several of the group's members were horrified. I know full well that all Republicans don't think this way.

ubub said...

McCain not only had the opportuity to reform the party, but he actually WAS doing exactly that party ca. 2000. Then, the empire struck back, I suppose.

It's like that Jedi mind trick. "These are not the agents of intolerance you were looking for."

steves said...

I don't know what it is like in other states, but the Michigan GOP has a fair amount of autonomy from the national party, though if this is the kind of stuff that is going to happen, it is time to rethink that policy and purge the party of ignorant racists.

Streak said...

Steve, from what I have seen, that is true for most. I don't assume that the National party is dictating or has control over what those local party people do. In the case of the Virginia GOP leader, McCain was planning on appearing with him at a rally, so it certainly seems fair to suggest that he at least tacitly endorses their tactics.

Party activists tend to be dominated by those on the extreme, so I don't want to read too much into this. McCain and Palin's actions are what bother me more than any wackjob in the state offices. That said, however, if McCain is willing to work with and use those same wackjobs, then it is only fair to criticize him for that. Not that you were saying anything different, btw.

I agree, Ubub, McCain had that option and opportunity when he took on the "agents of intolerance." But in losing, he decided to dump that reform idea and follow Bush and Rove. Very sad for him.

BTW, it appears that Palin is more than willing to take up that Bush/Rove flag.

steves said...

The national party can certainly put pressure on the local or state parties that do stuff like this to stop. They can at least issue a statement that says this kind of language is unacceptable.