November 18, 2008

Huckabee writes a book--Dobson lays off workers

And, as Time calls it, settles his campaign scores. And there is some in here that I agree with. But here is exactly why Huckabee bothers me:
Huckabee says he spoke to Hagee by phone before the McCain endorsement while preparing for a spot on Saturday Night Live. "I asked if he had prayed about this and believed this was what the Lord wanted him to do," Huckabee writes of the conversation. "I didn't get a straight answer."
I don't know how God makes those decisions, but I am not convinced that Hagee, or Huckabee, can tell the difference between their personal ego and opinion and hearing from God. And this speaks to Huckabee's real problem in the election. He wanted to be taken seriously as a politician and governor, and resented questions about religion, yet invoked his religion and even preached sermons on the campaign. Here, he suggests that God would not have communicated to Hagee to endorse anyone else other than him, but then chastises the media for always asking him about religion?


Speaking of the religious right, turns out that even Focus on the Family has been forced to lay off people. That would be understandable if it were just the economy, but it turns out it is because the organization spent a half million dollars on the effort to defeat gay marriage. I am sure that James Dobson won't be harmed financially at all, so that makes it ok. As long as the king is taken care of.


And since I was browsing the Colorado Independent, I also saw that Focus on the Family is one of the few places left that still likes and supports still-president George Bush. The reason? Because of his SCOTUS nominees, and his support for "the preborn."

Dobson said nothing in opposition to Bush's torture, and even joked about it with Ann Coulter.



leighton said...

The Huckabee-Hagee dynamic is one of the many reasons why, even if you believe God actually influences your decision-making, it shouldn't be something you go out of your way to advertise. Publicizing it opens the door for all kinds of vapid, passive-aggressive guilt-tripping, and provides no benefit in return, other than perhaps the votes of people you'd lose anyway if someone came along who could shout "JESUS" louder than you.

Streak said...

Well said, Leighton.

Monk-in-Training said...

Can you hook me up with that reference of "Dobson joking about torture with Ann Coulter"?


Streak said...

Monk, perhaps that is a bit of hyperbole on my part, but he certainly spent his two days cheering Coulter on, and there is nothing that suggests that he argued with her when she made light of torture or concerns about torture.

Welcome to Ethics!

steves said...

My wife an I were watching Huckabee's show the other night. It was painful. I don't know where his career should go, but I would suggest he consider something other than television.

Monk-in-Training said...

It was tough for me to read that. ugh. thanks for the citation, it was close enough.