November 10, 2008


That title was completely accidental, but I decided to keep it.

I was thinking about a few things today--all related to Obama and what he offers to our nation. Saw that he is urging the Democratic caucus to keep Lieberman in the fold, which, considering just how vicious Lieberman was toward Obama in the campaign, suggests that we truly are in a different political time. Anyone doubt that Bush would have had the man taken out into the woods?


The Telegraph has a great list of 50 things you may not know about Obama. Favorite book is Moby Dick and he uses an Apple laptop. Bad news? Doesn't drink coffee. Perhaps he really is a communist! :)


Finally, and this has nothing to do with Obama as a person, btw, but as cynical as I get about patriotism and nationalistic nonsense, one thing often reminds me how our system truly is amazing. Starting with the election of 1800, we have proven able to peacefully transition power from one party to another. Today, Bush met with Obama and met about how to hand over the reins, but that will be done without tanks in the street, or junta in the air.

Truly worth celebrating.


mary said...

I saw that list earlier -- the fact I shared with my 10-year old is that Obama collects Spiderman comics. I thought that added just the right hint of dorkiness to President Ultra Cool.

Bootleg Blogger said...

"Anyone doubt that Bush would have had the man taken out into the woods? " EVERYTHING is already different- and better. The tone, the presence, the actions. I still think it's amazing to turn on the tv and see him as the pres-elect. We live in an interesting time.-BB

BTW, the word verification I'm about to type in is "cultish". Hmmmmm...... Appropriate for Streak's Blog?

Tony said...

The title isn't accidental. Its cheesy. :-)

I saw a guy today with one of those ridiculous "Palin: Miracle" tee shirts on today. I thought perhaps he didn't have a clean shirt when he got dressed this morning. At least I hope that was why. said...

OK, I'm as big of an Obama supporter as the next guy, but I can't let these two things slide:

1) Moby Dick? Methinks this is much like the undergrad English major who claims that Ulysses is his favorite book. I'd like to see either of them survive a pop quiz.

2) A Mac user? That settles it. He's definitely an elitist.

Monk-in-Training said...


that was the single most constant phrase I uttered at my oldest son, while a teenager. That alone makes me happy.

P M Prescott said...

I was afraid Bushco would try an emergency something to stay in power, but with all the Wall Streeters using their golden parachutes to steal as much as possible while they can and the huge mess they've made they're most likely glad to be out of it. Bush looks pretty happy to see it come to an end right now.