November 23, 2008


Moving a little slowly today after a busy one yesterday. Watched OU pound Texas Tech last night, which was great fun. Today, we spend the hours wondering if the polls will reward OU or keep them behind Texas in the BCS. Such is the luxury of sports, that we can argue and entertain ourselves with such trivialities. :)


One of my conservative friends was really angered at how some Democrats denied the legitimacy of George Bush's election and reelection. That always caught me off guard because, as much as I loathe this president, I have always assumed he was our President--and still do. The fact that he is the worst in recent memory doesn't take away from his legitimacy. Whatever we think about the election problems in Florida in 2000, and in Ohio in 04, that is the past, and he has served us badly, but legitimately, for the last 8 years.

To be fair, I have never met a Democrat or liberal who says other, or acts otherwise. Not saying they aren't out there, but I don't know any. I remember that same kind of delegitimizing of Clinton that was standard fare on religious and other conservative radio. And I am afraid that will continue under Obama. SOF just received an email pass on from a conservative friend that repeats the nonsense questioning Obama's citizenship. This will not end, and I predict that a large segment of the far right will once again see themselves under siege, waiting for the Black Helicopters and gay flag burners to come make them have abortions. It is so funny to see conservatives suddenly scared of state power--as if the last 8 years have not seen the intrusive role of government into every day lives. These conservatives (and certainly not all) have no consistent governing philosophy, so they have never even thought to criticize the Patriot Act, just as they never thought to criticize torture and wiretapping. But in the hands of "other" and scary "unAmerican" Obama--state power becomes a fear.



Finally, after seeing a link to this story from Lifehacker, I decided to try my hand at home-made cayenne/Tobasco sauce. After nearly macing all of us, there are two small jars of something resting on the counter.

Perhaps when Obama's Brown-Shirted-Gay-Aborting-Flag Burning-Socialist friends come after me, I will have the necessary weapon to fight back.


P M Prescott said...

That's why they should really be called the "Projectionist Party" They're bullies and they think the other side is a bully too and will do the same to them as they did when in power.

Michael Kear said...

You know what else is great for that cayenne stuff? Stir a few drops into your hot chocolate and top it off by squirting some whipped cream on top and sprinkling it with ground cinnamon. As a native New Mexican I can tell you that some of us like it hot (and I don't mean the temperature!)