November 7, 2008

Sigh. And they get mad when we mock them for being this stupid

Gun Sales Soar On Obama Victory:
"'He wants to take our guns from us and create a socialist society policed by his own police force,' added Mr. Pruett, a former radio personality, of President-elect Barack Obama."

6 comments: said...

Yeah, I'm already getting similar screeds from my friend back home.

JoeG said...

Fear. All these people buying into the fear propaganda of the Republican political machine. Gullibility at its finest.
Check out this comment from the "Letters to the Editor" section of our local paper:

"I voted for John McCain because of his political expertise and character, not for his age or the color of his skin. How many Obama supporters can say the same?

We can now kiss our borders good-bye. Come one, come all to the "United Welfare States of America."

Please tell me I'm dreaming and wake me up when it's over - say, in four years. "

I can happily say the backlash against this writer in today's letters is tremendous. But that there are many out there who think like that is concerning and deeply disturbing.

Streak said...

Part of this is due to the Pandora's box opened by McCain and Palin (and Hillary) that decided to openly paint Obama as scary, foreign, and other. McCain went a long way in his concession speech to counter that, but after months of flogging the crowds with Palin's pit bull routine, it is hard to put that back.

Not all McCain's fault, of course. That racism and fear was there before (as we well remember during the Clinton admin) and will be there long after.

But as I said in my post header, you can't say stupid shit like this and then get mad at people like me calling it stupid. :)

steves said...

I can't speak for all the vatious fear people have been expressing, but there is some historical basis for the gun sales issue. There have been spikes in sales just prior to seveal anti-gun measures. I recall ones in 1986 before the NFA registry was closed and in 1994 when the AWB was signed.

I don't think that making these kinds of purchases is necessarily stupid. The 1994 AWB banned the sales of 10+ roand magazines made after 1994. This had the effect of freezing the ones that were on the market and driving up the price. I say used mags going for $40, where they would have been around $6 the previous year.

Most of what I have been hearing is that people are worried about some kind of strict gun control measures and people are trying to get things that may be more rare if they are banned. While there are some tinfoil-hatters out there, most aren't buying them in anticipation of some violent confrontation with the UN or Obama's
"own police force."

Streak said...

Not calling the gun sales stupid. Calling this stupid:

"He wants to take our guns from us and create a socialist society policed by his own police force,"

steves said...

That is a bit much. His anti-gun record is certainly there, but I am hoping that he learns from Clinton's mistake in 1994. He expended a fair amount of political capital in getting the AWB passed which helped usher in the Republicans to Congress. There are a fair number of newer Democrats that are pro-gun or gun-neutral, so Obama making this a big issue may not be the best choice.

Most of my Dem friends don't think he will make gun control a major issue. I hope so. There are certainly more pressing concerns.

I don't know where the personal police force is coming from. That is stupid!