January 14, 2009

Daily Show on Bush's last presser

And Jon did a great job last night dissecting the ridiculous Bush Press conference. And every time I see footage, I am reminded of just how ridiculous he has been for 8 years. Jon notes the use of the word "disappointed" which, of course, means that other people let Bush down. He never seems to screw up, but those around him do.

Watch Bush speak and tell me if you don't think he has developed another facial tic with his mouth. Whenever he says something "resolute" or "stupid" his lips purse severely. I don't know if that is an outward expression of inner rage, or if it is just, perhaps him getting more rigid as he has aged in this fishbowl, but it doesn't look good. In fact, during his press conference, it as if every speaking mannerism has been elevated to a caricature. His shoulder's shake all the time. He grins maniacally when saying something not funny.

Anyway. Watch. Oh, and if you are interested, Stewart's next segment was on a "documentary" on how badly the press treated Sarah Palin. I said the other day that Joe the Plumber made Sarah Palin look like an intellectual. Watching her in the brief clips makes me want to apologize to Joe.

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UncaToad said...

thank the good lord in heaven we are done with jackass. now, everybody, pick up a mop and start cleaning up. it's a hell of a mess.