January 11, 2009

Random Sunday stuff

Feeling oddly disjointed tonight, though have no real explanation. Perhaps I didn't listen to enough music today. I watched the playoff football games yesterday and today. Watched the Pittsburgh/San Diego game this afternoon while bottling my latest home-brewed Porter. (It might be ready to drink in time for the inauguration, so I am calling this one an Obama Porter, or perhaps, The End of an Error Porter. Since I don't print out labels, I am free to change the name whenever I want.)

During the bottling session, I had to listen to the stupid ads during the game, and I don't think I had realized just how stupid so many of them are. The worst, by my count--at least if you are just counting pure stupidity--are the Coors Light ads featuring ex NFL coaches at a fake press conference. Their statements are from actual press conferences, but Coors has thoughtfully given us a gaggle of stupid frat-boys saying stupid stuff to the coaches. Each time I watch it, I am reminded just how bad Coors beer is, and how much their advertisements make me want to not buy their product or be associated with them in any way.

Worst ad of late, however, has to be the Dodge truck ads heavily featured during all the games. Doesn't anyone else find it rather appalling that the domestic car companies are receiving our tax money for a modified bailout, and then flooding the airwaves with ads for the worst environmental vehicles produced by Detroit? I understand the reality, as SOF noted, this is what they have in their inventory, and they are doing what they can to move them. But the sight of the gas guzzling macho trucks being sold by, well, me, makes, well, me a little ill.

Not only the disconnect between the gas guzzler bailout bothered me, but also the macho posturing of the ads. Men yelling and hi-fiving about tool boxes and raw "hemi power." Surely we are beyond some of that macho posturing?

No, of course not.


Speaking of the playoff games, it is always rather fun to watch when you don't have a favorite team. You can just watch to enjoy the game. But after the Eagles defeated the Giants, the interviewer caught Donovan McNabb on the field and asked him how they won. Of course, Donovan said, "well, first, God was with us."


I shouldn't be surprised. Bull Durham is one of my favorite movies and the scene where Crash teaches Nuke the important cliches is one of my favorite scenes. They have all learned that they have to credit God for their win. I should not be surprised by any of this.


And finally, a great post from Jon Swift on President Bush's Legacy that made me chuckle.


gblackwell said...

The Dodge truck ads are undoubtedly the worst ads in recent memory. I have taken a solemn oath that, no matter how steep the discount, I will not buy a Dodge truck until they issue a formal apology to the American people. God was not with the Dodge's ad agency the day those commercials were conceived. ;)

Bootleg Blogger said...

I'm a little torn, Streak- Maybe they could use some bailout money to come up with a few MORE commercials. The frequency of the same ones is driving me nuts.

Bull Durham reference is perfect:
1) We gotta play 'em one day at a time.
2) I'm just happy to be here. Hope I can help the ballclub.
3) I just want to give it my best shot, and the good Lord willing, things will work out.

I guess we need to add:
4) First, I just want to thank God
5) God was on our side


ubub said...

Are you sure about McNabb's quote? I heard "First off, God is good, man," which did not imply that God would be a Santa Claus-booing Iggles fan. I was ok with it.

The Coors commercials were funny at first, despite the annoying frat boy types, but then they either ran it into the ground or I passed my tolerance level for the fratboys.

I saw a window sticker on an old (prob early- to mid-90s) Honda Civic the other day: "Yeah, it's got a hemi." Awesome.

What about the "you left your man step down" commercial with Howie Long? I can't decide if that is homophobic or just plain assinine.

Streak said...

Now you are doubting my journalism skills?

Actually forgot about the Howie Long ads. Those are horrible.