January 6, 2009

One of those weeks.

This has been a weird week. On a sad note, my father's older brother passed away over the weekend. He was in his late 80s and had been in ill-health for sometime, but I will miss him. My Uncle Jack was a good guy. He served as a civilian in World War 2 and was a very smart and funny man. I will remember just how well he always treated me whenever I saw him.

This is, as my father noted on the phone, just one of those things. But ...


I am also trying to get ready for the upcoming semester and also trying to unkink my muscles from the last month of inactivity/driving/sitting. SOF and I did yoga this morning for the first time in nearly a month and it really felt good. I am a little sore, but so much better than I was over the weekend.

Anyway. I am hoping to blog some this week on the political news of the week, but just have been distracted with other stuff.

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