January 19, 2009

Some music for the morning

I am working on a post exploring what this last 8 years has meant to me, but in the meantime, some music from SNL. I don't know how long these YouTube videos will be available, but the Fleet Foxes really sounded great to me, and I enjoyed both songs. I can't quite remember when I have heard such marvelous harmonies from a group like this. And the mando in the second song is also a treat.

and Blue Ridge Mountains


ubub said...

Thanks for posting these. They sounded great and I thought of you right away as soon as I saw the mando. I love that simply little riff in Blue Ridge Mountains

Streak said...

Yeah, we were so impressed. SOF hadn't had a chance to listen to much of their new album and she was really impressed with the lead singer's voice. Hell, everyone who sings in that band has a great voice, and the other guy is a hell of a guitar player.