January 21, 2009

It is official, I am not as good this year as last

Last year I was nominated for a 2007 Weblog Award and an Okie Blog Award. This year, no Weblog, and now it is official, no Okie Blog Award.

Oh well.


ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

Sorry to hear this. I guess this means you need to ramp up the rage!

Streak said...

I have kind of decided that it isn't my fault, but my readers. You all did this to me!


It is such a funny thing. Those nominations last year were kind of nice, but I have never written this blog for others. I write it for me. Why should I care about awards?

Tony said...

Well, I still think you're pretty cool, award or no award.

Liz said...

Huh. I'm clearly a little late to the party since I didn't know you'd ever been nominated. Bad Liz. Congratulations on last year's nominations. I do sympathise with you about blogging, though. It's so much more reassuring to have something that's yours and other people can share in only if they choose.

Sooooo. I hear you guys have a new premier, or something? I give you all three days before you get bored throw him away for a new one. By the way, sorry our ex-PM is such an ass.

Streak said...

Thanks, Tony.

Liz, thanks for dropping in, and to be very fair, our former President is the ass that defines political asses. Though your former PM was quite the knob. Is quite the knob.