January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

And it has already been surreal. The comment on my blog, then listening to Tom Brokaw blather on about "Bush holding his head high," "keeping us safe" and then about "Obama moving steadily to the middle" after Republicans had "labeled him the most liberal Senator." Just one picture into the dysfunction of our media--where what the Republicans say is duly noted as the truth, as if that is how media works.


As I have noted, watching competence and intelligence has made me more rather than less angry about the last 8 years. The loss of moral standing and actual political competence is just so stark.

Wolf Blitzer just reminded us that the theme is "Renewing America's Promise" and I can't think of a better way to look at this. From a torturing regime to one dedicated to human rights. From one dedicated to gutting government regulation and environmental protection, to one that sees all of those issues as important and valued. Sullivan notes a wonderful contrast between Bush who dismissed Middle East peace as an area that would produce no Nobel prize, to our new President:
But, as Obama told his listeners at AIPAC last June, there remains the Talmudic imperative of tikkun olam, “the obligation to repair the world.”
Obama hosted a dinner last night for John McCain, and as much as I personally don't like McCain, I am so impressed with the class Obama is showing to reach out to adversaries.

I truly do believe in what Herbert Croly called "The Promise of American Life." I had lost faith in that optimism over the last 8 years. I will watch this inauguration with a renewed sense of hope.


Monk-in-Training said...

May God grant him wisdom and strength and that 21 gun salute gave me chills!

Fidel said...


Your a fool.

Tony said...


Learn to spell.


I must say, today is a proud day for all Americans. Congratulations, President Obama.

Streak said...

Monk, I couldn't agree more. Aretha's opening line also got me.

Tony, perhaps Fidel's error was including the word "a." Perhaps he meant it as a gracious admission. :)

JoeG said...

This is truly a shining day in our history. I do not envy our new president. He has an enormous burden on his shoulders. May he be guided to do what is right and just and guide us into a better era in our history.

Tony, where's your blog??

Tony said...


Thanks for asking. I had been having some difficulty offline and it was hindering some relationships with the folks at the church I serve as well as a family friendship. It was not an easy decision. Navigating those waters was extremely difficult and not everyone is as easy to talk to as you, Leighton, steves, and Streak. :)

Since it began hindering offline relationships, the best thing was to let it go. I didn't want to do it. I left The RP up, though I just don't have the drive to blog there.

I thought of beginning a new blog with no outside attachments, but part of my blog and what I think made it more effective was the context out of which I blogged.

Oh well. I do appreciate you missing me. I'll be around.

JoeG said...

I'm sure it wasn't an easy choice, but you have to do what is best. At least we'll still see you around Streak's blog!

Tony said...

Thanks, Joe. Streak will have a hard time getting rid of me. :)