January 20, 2009

Wow, what a day

Couple of last thoughts about the inauguration. The entire day made me tear up more than once (and SOF was often in tears). Seeing Michelle Obama as our First Lady did it. Seeing Barack sworn in (even with Chief Justice Roberts blowing the oath) did it. Hearing the Benediction with the nods to the Civil Rights movement did it. Seeing Barack and Michelle walk outside the limo in the parade did it. Watching this couple dance with such obvious affection for each other did it.

The work starts tomorrow, as they say, but having smart and competent in office makes me happy. Smart is good. Competent is good. We won't fix everything, but today was a start.

A damn good start.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Well said, Streak. Months ago I was hoping we could make a change so that I could at least not be embarrassed when I saw, heard or heard of our head of state. I had no idea I'd actually feel proud (dare I say patriotic) as I caught replays of the day's events. All that was independent of the race issues. Add the significance of an African American president and first family and I'm just blown away.

It was so nice to see our leadership in the spotlight and the word "classy" come to mind.

It was a great day for all of us.
Cheers everyone

JoeG said...

I'm not sure which sounds sweeter:
President Barack Obama
FORMER President George W Bush.

Both give me chills! :)

Tony said...

Do you think Obama should retake the oath? It isn't without historical precedent.


Right now I like "Former President Bush" better. I did however appreciate when Obama said "...we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals." Could not have been said better.

leighton said...

The 20th Amendment guarantees that regardless of the success, failure or outright absence of the oath of office, Obama's term began at noon. The oath is only a formality. This is going to become another issue that only rabid wingnuts care enough about, and they will care precisely enough to lie about the facts.

Tony said...

Just wondering. I know presidents in the past have retaken the oath, if nothing else for formality's sake. But I can imagine some wingnut will say Obama didn't meet the Constitutional standard and will demand it be retaken. I really do not think it is a big deal. Its more personal than anything else; a historic moment flawed by stupid slips of the tongue.

Nina said...

...Still checking in here, Streak...
I'm glad to hear other people were affected this way. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. I am so very pleased, in so many ways that Barack Obama is our president.

I looked at my 19-year-old as we watched the inaugeration together and realised, in "his world" this is no big deal - that becoming president is possible for anyone in our country. That was another thing that got me choked up, and then thinking of how many of us have lived decades (hey, not that many decades!) to see this come to pass. Amazing!

JoeG said...

Guess they decided to err on the side of caution and retake the oath. Probably a smart move just to silence any wingnuts trying to get back at all the years of left wingers saying that Bush's presidency was illegitimate. Smart move by Obama and Roberts.

Tony -
I also liked the part where he included Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and non-believers as equals. I don't believe any other president has done so.