September 10, 2010

Argh! Why are we negotiating with terrorists like Terry Jones?

And why are prominent Muslims even acknowledging this asshat's existence, much less trying to negotiate with him?

I think the media has completely dropped the ball on this and has treated an ass and an idiot as if he is worthy of news coverage--and then prominent people like Robert Gates and a Muslim leader from Florida have further elevated his status. What is to stop the next fundy idiot from desecrating something Islamic?


And in further sign that I might have to stop listening to even NPR, I heard this story last night about how programs that help the working poor will be sacrificed in this current budget crisis. Heard last week on our local station that the University of Oklahoma will close clinics that service the poor in Tulsa because they can no longer raise the private funds necessary to pay for them. Now the Feds will pull back because conservatives of both parties claim to be concerned about the budget deficit. Not enough to ask the richest people to pay more in taxes. No, of course not. We only ask the poor and the minority to sacrifice. Don't be silly.

There is a joke in one of the West Wing seasons where Donna dates a Republican and asks him why he is one. He responds, "because I hate the poor." That guy is joking, but I am no longer convinced that it isn't true of most Republicans. If raising the taxes on Warren Buffett is off the table, but cutting programs that help poor people get jobs (after all, Republicans are all about "get a job, you lazy git," right?) or cutting funding to provide healthcare and assistance to the poor--then you tell me what this means.

Come on. Tell me.


Billy said...


I know you are not a Christian, but I didn't know you had converted to Islam. When did that happen?

Streak said...

Go. Away. Fundy-racist. Troll.

That clear enough? Or do you need me to spell it out further? I understand that fundy trolls are typically a bit short in the IQ dept, so feel free to ask for assistance if you need it.

Bob said...

I ask the same thing. Hasn't it always been the policy of the United States to not negotiate with terrorists. The policy is there to make it pointless to take hostages. Now every iditot will be a holding a take our troops hostage/qur'an burning day.

Thomas Jefferson said...

Don't burn the Koran because you will offend the Muslims. Offending them will make them do bad things, like kill people. And be sure to blame those who do the offending, and never blame those who do the killing. That's the American way now. The New America.

Women, you might as well get fitted for your burkas, you will soon be wearing them. Males(notice I didn't say "men"), leave your Fridays open for prayer. And find out where Mecca is, you'll be facing that way often.

Monk-in-Training said...

I find it curious that someone would post anonymously using Thomas Jefferson's moniker since his interpretation of Virginia's law of religious freedom was: "to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mahomedan, the Hindoo, and Infidel of every denomination."

And Pres. Jefferson's personal Koran was placed in the library of Congress.

And to the point of burning the Koran, I wouldn't burn it, not because of offending others (though that is one reason) but I wouldn't burn it, because Jesus teaches us to respond to issues with Spirit and Truth, not Anger and Nationalism.

"Love your enemies and do good to them . . . why do you call me 'lord' and do not do what I say?" ~ Jesus Christ

Henry said...


What truth are you responding to the Muslims with? As far as I've read, you don't even disagree with them, let alone confront them with truth.

Anonymous said...

I am quite certain that Streak can handle T.J. but this comment strikes me as so insanely stupid that I have to respond.

"Don't burn the Koran because you will offend the Muslims."
No, one should not burn the Qur'an because the United States is purportedly a tolerant nation. The United States is purportedly a nation that allows the free expression of religion. Or does that whole "Give me ... Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" not mean much.

"And be sure to blame those who do the offending, and never blame those who do the killing."
I don't see anyone on here exculpating those who took place in 9/11. But you are assuming that all people of Islamic faith were somehow guilty for 9/11. If we hold all religions accountable for the actions of all their adherents, then Christianity is in for as much rebuke as any religion.

"Women, you might as well get fitted for your burkas, you will soon be wearing them. Males(notice I didn't say "men"), leave your Fridays open for prayer. And find out where Mecca is, you'll be facing that way often."

Yep, this is what religious tolerance means. That we will all be forcibly converted to Islam. That really is the dumbest thing I have read on a blog in a long time. It is so gendered, and so ignorant that I cannot believe that someone would write such a thing.

Anyway, I have football to watch. Go Sooners!

-- CIL

Streak said...

As Smitty said a few posts ago, for some reason the fundys love to come to my blog. They have no clue what is going on, but they love to come in here and tell me that I can't be Christian and that I am now Muslim--all because I don't want idiots to burn the Koran or because I think building a place in NY where people can attend cooking classes and play the basketball.


CIL, you are right and right on point. The issue is that for fundys and far right wingers, freedom only applies to people like them. That lack of understanding, mixed with a pretty good shot of racism, makes for a toxic mess.

Yeah, of course we have not excused those who attacked us on 9-11 any more than we excuse the evil of blowing up innocents in pizza parlors in Israel. As I keep trying to say to these idiots, if all of Islam is like that, then we are in deep shit and everyone of these fundy idiots better run down to the recruiting center and sign up, because we are going to be at war for a long time.

CIL, not only was that a stupid thing to write, but the person who wrote it should punch themselves in the mouth for doing so.

Smitty said...

To: Fundy "talking-point" marionettes
Fr: Streak's Blog HR Dept
Re: Various Simpleton Sentiment and General Lack of Education

Cretins: Infraction and ramifications as follows--

but I didn't know you had converted to Islam

Moron. Pure and simple. Billy is too stupid to comment here. He's fired. Just a blank statement, no proof other than rhetoric.

[...everything TJ said...]

They don't even say that shit on FOX News. Beyond idiocy Empty talking points meant to inflame and not contribute to the conversation, which plainly people like him have already lost. He, too, is fired.

[...everything Henry said to Monk...]

Don't know who you're talking to, or anything of the background or impetus behind Monk's statements. Meant to insult and inflame. Henry is fired.

Please kindly remove your various tin-foil hats and window coverings and place them in the boxes provided. Your last lumps of coal will be sent to your last address on record along with copies of bibles written in crayon with plenty of pretty illustrations, just to make sure you can actually read it this time.

Given Monk's graciousness, he will probably pray for your illumination. This is more than you will get from the rest of Streak's Blog.

Eat a Bucket of Dicks,
Streaks Blog HR

Monk-in-Training said...


I attempt to respond to Muslims, as I would like them to treat me, as the Master instructed me to do.

The Truth that I know and share with anyone, is the eternal Truth of the Gospel. It often isn't easy to let go of desire for control, fear and nationalist instincts, but in my mind, that is exactly what the Lord calls us Christians to do.

It is interesting that God chose to Incarnate in a time and place where His people were confronted with radically different alternatives.

Would His people a Messiah who suffered and whose kingdom consisted loving your enemies, forgiving sinners, and making peace? Or would they really want a Messiah who would violently overthrow the Romans who had crushed them, in order to re-establish the kingdom of David? Would they get it that true peace, God's peace comes from love and forgiveness of sins rather than from political and military force?

I really like this quote from Father Henri Nowuen.
“One of the greatest ironies of the history of Christianity is that its leaders constantly gave in to the temptation of power – political power, military power, economic power, or moral and spiritual power – even though they continued to speak in the Name of Jesus, Who did not cling to His power but emptied Himself and became as we are."

It appears we American Christians have been seduced by wealth and power, and consumed with perpetuating our position. In my opinion, we often use our spirituality to clobber the weakest, blame the destitute, condemn the confused, and disregard the stranger.

I wonder if we truly see the Gospel our highly politicized Church preaches? And I wonder, would Jesus share it with His disciples?

So yes, of course I pray for everyone I encounter on Streak's blog, and Henry you can be assure that I do respond with the Truth as I understand it to Muslims, men I visit in Tulsa Jail, homeless I visit under bridges downtown and those we feed in a city park.

It is all I have to offer.

Br. James Patrick