September 3, 2010

Just one more reason I find modern conservatives to be unhinged

Gingrich: Make Ground Zero A National Battlefield To Stop The Supposed Mosque. And Newtie says that if the federal government won't do it, then either the state or local governments should. As some of us joked on Facebook, we are unsure if the strip clubs and porn shops would also be kicked out, or the giant fucking mall where people can go spend money on useless crap. Or if, under Newt's plan, only the Mooslims have to move.

We are also a bit bemused that government is evil and horrible for conservatives until they want it to step in and make people do what conservatives want. Here in OK, the big bad evil government is now forcing women to undergo an inserted ultrasound and then get a lecture on the results--whether they want it or not. Conservatives want government to stop gay people from having sex and in some parts of the country, would like government to endorse their brand of public prayer.

I suspect that Newt has absolutely no core, and he is doing this because the Tea Party idiots will only support another bigot. But who knows.

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Smitty said...

It's like I hit a fury limit in a week...and just shut down, you know?

Newt Gingrich is the worst of the soulless. To tell his dying wife that it doesn't matter what he does, just what he says, because nobody else can carry the message like him just shows you what kind of guy he is.