September 15, 2010

Your Tea Party in action

Paladino: No Mosque Wherever The 9/11 Human Remain Dust Cloud Landed (VIDEO) | TPMDC

And these people won more primaries the other day, I guess. I read elsewhere that we will have no Republican senate candidates (new ones, I guess) who actually believe that we should do anything about climate change. The one who won in Delaware believes that we should urge people to stop masturbating. Yeah, that's right.

And then we have the good old stand-bys like Sharron Angle and Rand Paul--and we can't forget that their leaders are SARAH "OUR FOUNDERS WANTED US TO GOVERN BY THE BIBLE" PALIN AND GLENN "PROGRESSIVES ARE LIKE HITLER" BECK!

Now this moron who wants to stop any mosque (it isn't a fucking mosque, you moron) from being built where human remains from 9-11 landed. Yeah, except that there were actual innocent Muslims who were killed by those murderers that day, you idiot.

In all seriousness, this is the problem we have--that Palin and Gingrich have succeeded in getting most Republicans to define this issue as us (non-Muslims) v. them (all Muslims) instead of us (rational people) v. them (fucking wingnut extremists).

Man, imagine how angry my posts will be when I am in post-op pain.



Monk-in-Training said...

I have confronted various Christians with "bearing false witness" when it comes to being accurate about facts in these situations.

It is no Mosque, it is not at Ground Zero, there WAS an Islamic prayer room on the 17th floor of one of the Twin Towers, and was destroyed, the Imam in charge is a Sufi, and quite moderate and our founders wanted us to govern according to the Constitution, not sectarian beliefs.

Some spreading these lies are simply ignorant of the facts, others don't believe the truth, but many deliberately spread untruths, and THAT is lying, and a sin. I attempt to engage them at that level.

No matter what the political issue, lying is a sin.

On another note, the diverse group of Americans that died in the 9-11 tragedy do not seem to be (in my mind) reflected in the overwhelmingly white, older, Christian protesters. Many, many people of other Faiths died in those towers on that terrible day.

Streak said...

It does seem like we have gone through a rabbit hole where facts don't matter. They do here, and in our exchanges with conservatives like LB, we certainly are able to remain in the real world and yet still disagree. But in the Limbaugh, Beck, Palin world, facts are just things to change if you don't like them.

It is very hard to see that as good, and as you note, incredibly hard to see as compatible with people who claim to follow Christ.

Bob said...

"Your" Tea Party?

Speak for yourself.

Streak said...

Speak for yourself.