September 24, 2010

Obama socialism--oh the horror

Santa Barbara, Calif. - Cap Lifts, and So Do Spirits -

Yeah, the Hitleresque healthcare bill took more effect today. Removed pre-existing conditions for kids and removed the lifetime caps. The bastards! They might as well line people up for the ovens.

Except not. Perhaps we have another window on the Tea Party. They don't have pre-existing conditions, and have not had illnesses that pressed against their lifetime cap. So why should they care about those who do? WWJD? Evidently, that doesn't include caring for others.

But then again, I am a socialist muslim. Or something.

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Smitty said...

But...but...suffering without health care and suffering because you can't pay bring us closer to the baby jesus!

When I finish chuckling, there is a quote I saw at some point in the past few weeks where, essentially, someone said pretty much exactly that but in all seriousness. Something like suffering gives me an opportunity to pray for strength and realize God's grace and gives *other* people the opportunity to learn and seek compassion. I'll have to go find that quote, 'cause it made me nuts.